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Learn more about the DB Membership Plan to help manage organizational risks and improve knowledge

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Most law firms respond to their client's needs on a reactive basis. They wait in their offices for a client to call with a problem. Often, the call comes too late. At Durant Barristers, we are offering a revolutionary new service to encourage the proactive education and training of of our clients and their staff.

The DB Membership Plan is designed with the modern organization in mind. To stay on top of risks, it is essential and (in some cases) legally required to provide annual training to members of your organization. Rather than purchase these services individually as needed at unpredictable and ever-increasing costs, we provide these services on an annual basis for an affordable and predictable monthly fee.

Those who sign up for the DB Membership Plan also received monthly, customized updates on legal developments and cases that are specifically designed for their organizational needs. Rather than receiving multiple emails about issues that you do not care about, you will receive one, consolidated monthly email prepared by our legal team designed with your specific needs in mind. You will also receive invitations to exclusive, member-only webinars and networking sessions in these emails. Cut out the spam and get information that you need in one easy read.

The process is simple. Once you register for the DB Membership Plan on our website, a member of our team will be in contact with you to arrange an initial discussion. If you are not already a client of the firm, we will discuss our firm's services, ensure there are no conflicts of interest in your organization joining the service, provide you with any required agreements to sign based on the extent of your needs, and learn more about your organization and training needs. We can also discuss scheduling your annual training programs immediately. Rather than "off the shelf" training programs, we take the time to customize our training to the specific needs of your organization and common issues that you may encounter.

We only have a limited number of DB Membership Plans available given the time required to customize the benefits for each customer. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, we are not a volume based business and we prefer to offer top notch service to a select group of organizations.

This plan provides your organization with predictable costs and reduced overall legal spend as you avoid common risks and errors and increase knowledge within your organization. If you would prefer to purchase any of our training services on a "one time" basis at a flat fee, we can also offer that service to you.

Feel free to contact me directly to learn more about this service. I would love to hear your feedback.

Erin Durant

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