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Consult with a Durant Barristers lawyer about your dispute.

Initial Consultation: Text


Meet with us and plan your next step.

We do not offer free consultations. Our firm services a small number of loyal clients and we are selective about our new mandates and clients. 

We are open to accepting new clients and to representing individuals and corporations on a one-off basis. However, we want to make sure that the solicitor-client relationship will work for each of us and that we are on the same page regarding case strategy and approach. 

Accordingly, we offer a $500 + HST initial virtual consultation. This fee includes: 

  • a preliminary review of the documents that are relevant to your case before the meeting; 

  • a virtual meeting of up to one hour with one of our lawyers to discuss the case and possible options going forward; and 

  • a written summary of the meeting and our recommended steps should we be retained to handle the dispute. 

The initial consultation fee must be paid online by credit card prior to the meeting. If you are interested in booking an initial consultation, please contact us at

Initial Consultation: About
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