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Practice Areas

Durant Barristers offers legal services in a wide variety of litigation and risk management areas. Below is a summary of our primary areas of practice. Unsure if we can help? Feel free to email Erin Durant directly at If we cannot assist, we will refer you to someone in our network who can. 

Administrative and Regulatory Law

At some point in their lives, many Canadians will have to deal with one of the various administrative or regulatory tribunals that govern life in a modern, 21st century society. Perhaps you are: 

  • a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has applied for pension benefits to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board; 

  • a federally regulated employee claiming wrongful dismissal at the Canada Industrial Relations Board; 

  • a business owner that has lost a government procurement contract and is seeking an appeal at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal; 

  • an individual in a dispute with a municipality regarding their actions, inaction or decision making process. 

At Durant Barristers, we have experience advocating for our clients at various administrative tribunals. 

Commercial Litigation 

Litigation is a powerful tool that business owners can use to advance their rights, mitigate their risks, and protect their interests through the court system. Perhaps you want to enforce a contract with a supplier that has failed to supply critical services to your business. Or you have a dispute with a business partner or shareholder about the operation of the company. Or maybe you disagree with the manner in which a franchisee has decided to operate their franchise. At Durant Barristers, we have experience representing business owners across Ontario in a wide variety of legal disputes such these. 

Workplace Investigations and Culture Reviews

Every employee in Ontario is entitled to work in a safe workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination. Where an employee brings forward a complaint to their employer of workplace harassment or discrimination, the employer has a duty to investigate that complaint. At Durant Barristers, we have experience investigating complaints of workplace harassment and discrimination in a wide variety of circumstances. We also have experience acting for employers, complainants and respondents in investigations to ensure procedural fairness. 

Durant Barristers also has experience conducting reviews of an organizations culture. Culture reviews are an in-depth look at the organization. We recommend systemic and procedural changes which can assist in improving the organization's culture. Culture reviews tend to be pro-active in nature and their purpose is not to assign fault on any one individual. We have conducted culture reviews in both the workplace and for not for profit organizations and charities and their memberships. 

Aboriginal and Indigenous Law

Due to Canada’s colonial history, there are many laws and legal issues which apply to Indigenous people and their communities. This includes the nuances of the Indian Act and how it impacts business on reserve or addressing an infringement of a s. 35 Aboriginal or treaty right. Or assisting Indigenous communities in developing their own laws which take into account their inherent rights and Indineous laws.  At Durant Barristers we have experience supporting Indigenous clients in a wide range of matters.  If you have a legal issue relating to Aboriginal or Indigenous law, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. 

Sports Law and Administration

We act for a variety of different individuals in the amateur and professional sport context. We have provided legal advice to national and provincial sports organizations, local community-based associations, athletes, coaches and administrators on their legal rights, risks and responsibilities. We have extensive experience in handling Safe Sport matters and Cultural Reviews - both as an independent expert and as advisors for individuals participating in those processes. 

We also regularly act as Disciplinary Panels - individually and as part of a panel. 

Employment and Labour Law

Employment law in Ontario is governed by a complex patchwork of statutes, regulations, and judge-made law. This body of law governs a wide range of situations, including wrongful/constructive dismissal, human rights discrimination, and claims for workplace harassment.


At Durant Barristers, we have experience representing both employers and employees with respect to legal disputes in both unionized and non-unionized environments and across industries.  

Small Claims Court

In Ontario, individuals can seek to resolve legal disputes that they may have through the Small Claims Court. The Rules of Procedure in the Small Claims Court are meant to ensure that these individuals have access to a justice system that is fair, responsive, and efficient. However, failing to understand or navigate these rules and procedures could have significant and negative impacts for people. At Durant Barristers, we have experience representing individuals at Small Claims Court in a wide variety of circumstances. Our founder, Erin Durant, also adjudicates small claims disputes for a modest fee shared by individuals. This service can allow you to have your dispute dealt with promptly without waiting for a Deputy Judge to be available. 

Professional Negligence

Professionals in Ontario are not held to a standard of perfection. However, professionals are expected to provide services to their clients at the same level as other reasonably competent professionals in their respective fields. Where the quality of service falls below that standard, a professional may be found negligent. At Durant Barristers, we have experience acting both for and against professionals in a wide range of fields, including lawyers, engineers, and real estate agents. 

Environmental Law

There is a broad range of legislation that governs land use in Ontario and Canada. This legislation governs a range of situations from permits to take water, to the Environmental Bill of Rights, to Species at Risk Act and other considerations. At Durant Barristers, we have the experience needed to help you navigate these issues. If you have an environmental law issue, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

What Our Clients Say

Anonymous Client

Erin and the great team at Durant Barristers represented our organization through a stressful complaints process. Erin took the matter with confidence and made us feel at ease. Their passion for helping is evident and Erin's expertise in sports disputes specifically, and more generally in all sports administration and policy issues, is second to none. We absolutely recommend Durant Barristers.

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