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How will we do things differently?

Thank you for visiting Durant Barristers. We are a firm who strives to do things differently. The practice of law has evolved around the billable hour with lawyers earning revenue based on their number of hours worked and clients facing unpredictable legal costs due to not knowing the number of hours required in each step of the proceeding. We are working towards using other models that offers more predictability for both sides.

For many of our investigation and sports mandates, we are happy to negotiate fixed fee or block billing to provide more predictability. For returning customers, we are also considering subscription based monthly fee services so that our clients can better anticipate their annual legal spend. The subscription based model works well for sports and other organizations that require ongoing advisory services including investigation or safe sport coaching, human resources matters and governance advice.

We are also working towards offering online membership resources for loyal customers which will be available with payment of a reasonable monthly fee. We would be interested in hearing from you on what resources would be most beneficial to you and your organization.

We cannot wait to launch some of our new service offerings in the coming months. Feel free to reach out if there is a way that we could serve you better.

Erin Durant

Founder, Durant Barristers

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