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Durant Barristers’ Pride and Indigenous History Month Challenge! #DBPrideIndigenousMonth

June in Canada is both Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month and we wanted to find a fun way to celebrate and get folks involved! Leslie Anne came up with this challenge idea.

She will be making 3 limited edition pairs of beaded earrings during the month (see examples below!) and will be holding a raffle. To enter the raffle you have to complete one of the challenges below and send proof by either a tweet to @stamourla, or email it to her More challenges completed equal more entries! Use the #DBPrideIndigenousMonth to help share the challenge!

The winner will be drawn July 1st.


1. Donate to an Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ charity or non-profit like the 519 in Toronto or Aboriginal Legal Services.

2. Attend a Pride parade

3. Attend a National Indigenous Peoples Day event

4. Visit a relevant historic landmark. Some ideas here or here.

5. Shop from an Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ business

6. Watch a film from the National Film Board’s Indigenous Cinema collection

7. Check out a drag show.

8. Attend a powwow.

9. Book a trip with an Indigenous tourism provider

10. Volunteer with an Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ organization

11. Check out a new TV show or movie made by LGBTQ2S+ folks

12. Read a new book by an Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ author

13. Subscribe to an Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ source of media (newsletter, magazine, newspaper etc)

14. Write a local politician emphasizing your support for trans rights and asking where they stand on the issue.

15. Visit an Indigenous restaurant.

16. Get creative! Have another idea that fits the theme? Share it with us!

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