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Big Firm Talent, Small Firm Service

One reason why Durant Barristers was founded was to better be able to serve my clients.

That may seem like a strange statement given that I previously practiced at one of the largest firms in Canada. Allow me to explain.

My client base is different. I do not service large, multi-national corporations with seemingly unlimited budgets to spend on legal services. My clients demand fast, practical and customized legal services, pricing and billing options.

Just like any large corporation, big law firms are designed with their primary and desired client in mind. Obtaining exceptions to the general rules regarding how files are opened, billed, the rates that are charged, payment options and staffing requirements can be a challenge.

At Durant Barristers, I make sure that our clients are more than just a client number. Each file for each client can be opened in a way that suits both the firm and the client's needs on that day. That is our small firm advantage. Would you prefer to pay a fixed fee per month? Would you prefer to negotiate a subscription plan for you or your team? Do you want to pay quickly online using credit card? In most cases, we can make that happen. Let us know what you need to make your relationship with our firm work in a way that suits your business and organizational needs.

We also do not believe in the illusion created by large law firms that the best lawyers available in all practice areas all happen to practice at the same law firm. This is simply not the case. There is no law firm that has a monopoly on the best legal talent. As a small, nimble and collaborative firm, we are able to build the client service team that works best for you. After listening to your legal needs, we are able to utilize our extensive networks and relationships with other lawyers and firms to build a team the best possible team.

We are here to serve you better.

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