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What athletes need to know about cannabis use in amateur sport

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (“CCES”) is the Canadian authority that administers the World Anti-Doping Association (“WADA”) Code in Canada.

While efforts have been made by some countries internationally to have cannabis removed completely from the WADA Code, the substance remains a substance that is banned from competition. The in-competition definition is the day before the start of the event through to the last day of the event. As cannabis has become legalized in Canada and in many American states, unintentional anti-doping violations for Cannabis are an increasing danger for athletes.

There are a number of lawyers who specialize in giving legal advice to athletes who receive doping violations. You can find that list on the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada’s website. There are both pro bono (free) legal advice and paid legal advice lists.

The lawyers at Durant Barristers provide advice frequently on doping violations including contesting outcomes, advising on sanctions and admission pleas and representing athletes through doping hearings if necessary.

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