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Erin Durant speaks at LEAF Ottawa Persons Day Event

Our founder Erin Durant was invited by LEAF Ottawa to be a keynote speaker at their annual Persons Day event "From Personhood to Equality". She will be joined by Danielle Bisnar, a partner at Cavalluzzo LLP.

The event will occur on October 18 at 6:30 pm and you can register online at this link.

LEAF Ottawa describes the event as follows:

Nationwide, LEAF is changing its flagship event from Persons Day (the day on which women were legally recognized as persons) to Equality Day (the day section 15 of the Charter came into force).

The theme for this year’s panel will be “From Personhood to Equality”. Join LEAF Ottawa as they host a virtual discussion examining how the long and difficult struggle for gender equality has historically excluded BIPOC women and gender-diverse people.

LEAF Ottawa is pleased to be joined by Erin Durant and Danielle Bisnar, two prominent lawyers who will speak to their experiences navigating this type of exclusion throughout their legal careers, in their respective fields.

I hope some of you can make it virtually!

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