A Canada Day Shout Out to the Pandemic Law Firms

On this Canada Day, prior to joining my husband for an outdoor bonfire, I decided to spend some time reflecting on how lucky we are to be Canadian and live in a country where it is possible to build the life of your choosing.

As I write this article, downtown Ottawa has, again, been invaded by protestors demanding "freedom". I certainly understand that the pandemic has caused financial and personal pain to many but we, as a country, have by and large weathered the storm successfully.

I do not believe that temporary restrictions on individual activities for the greater good of the health and survival of our society is an infringement on our freedoms. My very conservative grandmothers who have lived through true tyranny find the whole freedom convoy movement childish and embarrassing. I find the participation in this "movement" by noteworthy politicians terrifying. Part of living with others in a society includes, by necessity, certain sacrifices. Making minor sacrifices so that others do not die seems like a no-brainer, but not for some of those marching the streets of Ottawa today.

The pandemic has also offered opportunities to many. We have all heard of the "Great Resignation" and know friends, family and acquaintances who have used the pandemic to take stock in their lives, their values and the changes that they want to make. Personally, I do not know that I would have ever found the time, space, and motivation to launch Durant Barristers if not for the pandemic. It seems that I am not alone.

I wanted to take a moment today to recognize the large number of lawyers who have launched new law firms, sole practices and consultancy businesses over the course of the pandemic. I am sure that all of these businesses have launched for diverse reasons but many have a few things in common:

  • they are committed to building businesses that operate differently than the status quo;

  • they are (in large part) operated by women, BIPOC lawyers, and members of the LGBTQ+ community; and

  • they are already competing with well-established regional and national firms for both clients and legal talent.

I am proud to live in a country where this is possible. While many of us continue to push for, and make, equality gains within established businesses, it is beyond inspiring that so many individuals are just as able (and successful) when they decide to build a business in their own image.

Congratulations to the firms below (and for those I have no-doubt missed)!

Construct Legal

Founded by Faren Bogach

Construct legal provides legal advice for construction and infrastructure projects including drafting and negotiating contracts, navigating claims, resolving disputes and more.

Construct Legal was featured in Canadian Lawyer Magazine for its focus on authenticity and clients over perfection and billable targets.

Prior to founding Construct Legal, Faren was a partner at a well-established Bay Street firm.

Mors & Tribute P.C.

Founded by Bhuvana Rai

Mors & Tribute P.C. (which loosely translates in to Death & Taxes) provides tax dispute resolution, tax planning and estates advice to clients and other law firms. Bhuvana practiced previously at an international accounting firm, a national law firm, the Department of Justice litigating tax cases and has clerked with the Tax Court of Canada. She now provides legal services both directly to clients as well as consults with other law firms on tax matters.

On her website, Bhuvana emphasizes her ability to provide high-quality legal advice without the overhead expense of a large firm. Like Faren, she also promises a client-centred approach. Bhuvana is a well-known commentator on tax law issues and has been featured by CTV news, the Globe and Mail and MacLean's magazine.

Osprey Law

Founded by Katharine Brack

Osprey Law is a remote law firm founded by lawyer Katharine (Katie) Brack. She started the firm during the pandemic after working at an established full-service Ottawa law firm.

Katie and her team have extensive experience working for Indigenous Governments, both large and small, including First Nations and self-governing nations under modern treaties.

Katie also works for a number of organizations, individuals, and small businesses providing employment advice and conducting civil litigation.

Jones Pearce LLP

Founded by Caroline V. (Nini) Jones and Lauren Pearce