Ellen's Estates Advocacy

Practicing in association with Durant Barristers.


Ellen Brohm

Ellen Brohm runs an experienced Estates Advocacy legal practice in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She is available to assist clients throughout Ontario. Durant Barristers and Ellen's Estates Advocacy work together on matters related to wills and estates for the benefit of our respective clients. 

Areas of Practice

Will Challenges & Enforcement

A Last Will and Testament can take many forms. From a detailed document prepared by a lawyer to a handwritten note on a napkin. The existence of the document does not guarantee its validity or enforceability. The circumstances of it’s preparation and signing, of the deceased’s family and legal obligations and ultimately the Court’s interpretation will impact the validity and enforceability of the Will.

Power of Attorney & Guardianship Disputes
Making decisions for an incapable adult puts everyone in a vulnerable position. One wrong, or even unfavourable, decision by an Attorney for Property or Guardian can result in a legal dispute. Challenging the decision or role of an Attorney for Property or Guardian often requires Court intervention.

Passing of Accounts
Trustees, Attorneys for Property and Guardians are obligated to maintain detailed accounts for all spending done on behalf of the Estate, Trust and incapable person. A Court audit of the spending can be trigged by the beneficiaries resulting in the need for a Passing of Accounts.

Adult Guardianship Applications
Complete applications to the Court and Public Guardian and Trustee for the appointment of a Guardian of Property and/or Guardian of Personal Care. 

Unjust Enrichment Claims
Commencing and defending claims for unjust enrichment related to an estate.

Long-Term Care Services
Legal advice and assistance for communicating with the Local Health Integration Network, Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities or Health Care Service Providers.

Elder Abuse
Providing legal guidance and representation to victims of elder abuse in filing police reports and/or applying for Peace Bonds or Restraining Orders. Commencing civil claims against the perpetrators of elder abuse.

Education Experience

Osgoode Hall Law School - Juris Doctor - 2009

Laurentian University - Law & Justice - 2006

Humber College - Court & Tribunal Agent/Paralegal - 2004



Law Society of Ontario - Licensee - 2010


Notable Cases

Taylor-Reid v. Taylor, 2016 ONSC 4751

132611 Ontario Limited v Duric, 2014 ONSC 3314

Fletcher v. Matychuk et al., 2015 ONSC 4147

The Public Guardian and Trustee v. McIntyre, 2021 ONSC 5499

Armellini v. Crook, 2013 ONSC 4735